Female Fingers officially started in 2003, purchasing small studio, and introducing first web presentation femalefingers.comIdea followed by first amateur photo sessions started in 1995  with friends, acquaintances, and passers by on the streets of Novi Sad.

At the time site Female Fingers presented only art photos of beautiful hands and nails of amateur models. As site visitors were increasingly demanding variety of beautiful hand and nail images and videos we increased number of models. Custom wishes were varied from finding girls with large hands and beautiful fingers, hands size over 20 cm, asking to take pictures only of palms, comparison of large and small hands, the fact that hands are a little more aggressive, squeezing various objects: fruits, parts of the human body, the hand massage, play guitar, to take pictures and record a long natural nails … etc.


19.99EUR 30 days recurring

39.99EUR 90 days one time

69.99EUR 180 days one time

Female Fingers offer exclusive videos for hand fetish. In our portfolio we have 236 video clips and 218 photo sets with images over 1600 pix. Becoming a member you will gain access to all. Our models have soft palms, long fingers, and beautiful nails. Preview our pages and see some of the most beautiful hand models. We fulfill your wishes! If you desire to make custom movie, or have a special hand fetish you will like to see on Female Fingers site, do not hesitate to contact us.


beautiful hands ,nails,neck,hand comparingbeautiful hands ,nails,neck,hand comparing

NEW! 20.april.2014.  

“Coctail of hands comparing,nails,neck,hom from vacation”……..over 150 images