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Female Fingers Studio production is established 1999 and since we have produced over 300 custom films, and over 3000 short clips. Most of them you can find at our online stores (payperview). We have many satisfied customers and we are ready to make it more.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

We can make all Your dreams comes thrue! Custom film price: 19 US$ per minute (minimum 10 min long film)

Price include 2 models,make up,costumes…, for extra models You need to add extra 100 US$ per model.

To order your custom movie click on button below.

UPDATE 24.jan.2015. “Big hands party part 1” … video 5 min

UPDATE 31.jan.2015. “Soon” …video 5 min
UPDATE 07.feb.2015. “Soon” …video 5 min

UPDATE 3.jan.2015. “Daca and Tixi hands show” … video 5 min

UPDATE 11.jan.2015. “Coctail hands,nails,palms,neck,hom from vacation part 12” …over 150 images
UPDATE 18.jan.2015. “Brandy and Nina hand and foot comparing and arm wrestiling” …video 5 min

UPDATE  07.dec.2014. ”Elodi and Sanja hands comparison,HOM,hands around throat”  …over 150 images

UPDATE 14.dec.2014. “Ivon love Huanitas big hands”… video 5 min
UPDATE 21.dec.2014. “Big hands vs small hands”…. video 5 min 
UPDATE  28.dec.2014. ”Coctail images of big hands comparison,palms,long nails”  …. over 200 images

UPDATE 17.nov.2014. “Daca and Tixi hands from box” … video 5 min

UPDATE 24.nov.2014. “Irena and Lolly hands comparison” …video 5 min
UPDATE 01.dec.2014. “Darija and Natasa hands comparison” …video 5 min

UPDATE  19.okt.2014. ”Dunja 21 cm big hands”  …video 5 min

UPDATE 26.okt.2014. “Irena and Ivon hands comparing”… over 150 images
UPDATE 02.nor.2014. “Tixi and nina hands game”…. video 5 min 
UPDATE  9.nov.2014. ”Coctail of hands,nails,palms,hom,neck from vacation part 10″  …. over 150 images

UPDATE 28.sept.2014. “Coctail of hands,nails,hand comparing,hands around neck and HOM from vacation” … over 200 images

UPDATE 5.okt.2014. “Daca and Tixi hands comparing” …video 5 min

UPDATE 12.okt.2014. “Daca and Tixi hands exposing” …over 200 images

UPDATE  31.aug.2014. ”Hands from box 5″  …video 5 min

UPDATE 07.sept.2014. “Huanita and Oglum hands show”… video 5 min
UPDATE 14.sept.2014. ” Lolyta and Huanita hands “…. video 5 min 
UPDATE  21.sept.2014. ”Nina and her Mom hands show”  …. video  5 min long

UPDATE 10.aug.2014. “Huanita big hands” … video 5 min

UPDATE 17.aug.2014. “Nikolina and Dragana hands” …video 5 min

UPDATE 24.aug.2014. “Irena and Nina hand comparing,hands over mouth,hands around neck” …over 400 images

UPDATE  12.july.2014. ”Huanita”  …over 150 images

UPDATE 19.july.2014. “Ivana and Ivon hands&nails comparing”… video 5 min
UPDATE 26.july.2014. ” Huanita and Oglum neck,hom,big hands comparing “…. over 150 images
UPDATE  02.august.2014. ” Irena and Nina hands and nails show”  …. video  5 min long

UPDATE 22.jun.2014. “Coctail of hands,nails,neck,hom from vacation part 8&9” … over 150 images

UPDATE 29.jun.2014. “Ivana and Nina ” …video 5 min

UPDATE 06.july.2014. “Mom and daughter hand comparing” …video 5 min

UPDATE  17.may.2014. ”Hands from box”  …5 min video

UPDATE 25.may.2014. “Jane and Brandy hands comparison”… video 5 min
UPDATE 02.jun.2014. ” Isidora new hand model “…. over 100 images
UPDATE  09&14.jun.2014. ” Nina,Mom,Tixi hands”&”3 hands from box”  …. videos 5 min long

UPDATE 27.april.2014. “Coctail of hands,nails,neck,hom from vacation part V” … over 150 images

UPDATE 5.may.2014. “Coctail hands,nails,neck,hom from vacation part VI” …over 150 images

UPDATE 12.may.2014. “Coctail hands,nails,neck,hom from vacation part VII” …over 150 images

UPDATE  31.march.2014. ”Ani long red nails in action”  …5 min video

UPDATE 07.april.2014. “Coctail of images,hands comparison and hands over mouth,nails,neck, from vacation part II”… +150 images
UPDATE 13.march.2014. ” Coctail of hands,nails,neck,hom”…. over 150 images
UPDATE  20.april.2014. ” Coctail of hands comparing,nails,neck,hom part IV”  …. +150 images

UPDATE 09.mart.2014. “Beautiful thumbs” …video 5 min

UPDATE 16.march.2014. “Sara&Doe” …video 5 min.

UPDATE 24.march.2014. “Coctail of images from vacation part I” …over 150 images

UPDATE  08.feb.2014. ”Jasna tearing paper and smashing banana”  …5 min video

UPDATE 15.feb.2014. “Doe and Ceca sweete and fun”… video 5 min +150 images
UPDATE 22.feb.2014. ” Big hands game “…. video 5 min
UPDATE  01.march.2014. ” Marijana hands&nails”  …. video 5  min

UPDATE 25.jan.2014. “Long natural nails of Ani” …video 5 min

UPDATE 01.feb.2014. “Ivana manicured nails” …over 150 images

UPDATE 08.feb.2014. ”Ivana big hands self massage” …video 5 min

UPDATE  28.dec.2013. ”Bojana big hands red nails”  …5 min video

UPDATE 5.jan.2014. “Brandy&Jeca palms on glass”… 5 min video
UPDATE 12.jan.2014. ” Brandy and Nata hand modeling”…. video 5 min
UPDATE  18.jan.2014. ” Oglum hands “  …. video 5  min

UPDATE 7.dec.2013. “Big and small hands comparing” …video 5 min

UPDATE 15.dec.2013. “Nina and Mom comparing” …5 min  video

UPDATE 21.dec.2013. ”Lily & Brandy” …video 5 min

UPDATE  09.nov.2013. ”Brana and Nina”  ….over 100 images

UPDATE 16.nov.2013. “Zaka & Aki part 3″… 5 min video
UPDATE 23.nov.2013. ” Brandy and Oglum hands movement”…. video 5 min
UPDATE  30.nov.2013. ” Coctail Nov 2013 “  …. over 200 images

UPDATE 19.okt.2013. “Coctail hands,nails,palms oktober 2013” …over 200 images

UPDATE 26.okt.2013. “Nina vs Sandra hand comparing” …10 min  video

UPDATE 2.nov.2013. ”Skilled hands” …video 5 min


UPDATE  22.sept.2013. ”Zaka&Aki hands admire”  ….video 5 min

UPDATE 29.sept.2013. “Nevena slowly hands movement”… 5 min video
UPDATE 6.okt.2013. ” Zaka&Aki hand comparison”…. video 5 min
UPDATE  12.okt.2013. ”Valleyball girl big hands”  …. video 5 min

UPDATE 1.sept.2013. “Nevena” …video 5 min

UPDATE 08.sept.2013. “Maja sexy thumbs” …over 100 images

UPDATE 15.sept.2013. ”Zaka hands” …over 100 images


UPDATE  04.aug.2013. ”Big hands comparison”  ….video 5 min

UPDATE 11.aug.2013. “Nina red nails part 2″… 5 min video
UPDATE 18.aug.2013. ” Svetlana vs Oglum hand comparing”…. video 5 min
UPDATE  25.aug.2013. ”Beautiful Mila”  …. 5 min

UPDATE 14.jul.2013. “Nina red nails” …video 5 min

UPDATE 21.july.2013. “Doe hands” …5 min clip

UPDATE 28.july.2013. ”Nina and Brandy on the glass” …5 min clip


UPDATE 17.jun.2013. “Bojana big hands models” …5 min video


UPDATE 24.jun.2013. “Bojana 21 cm big hands comparison”… over 100 images


UPDATE 30.jun.2013. ” Brandy and Nina palms”…. video 5 min

UPDATE  07.july.2013. ”Bojana vs Ivana”  ….over 150 images


UPDATE 26.may.2013. “Oglum vs Sasha hand comparison” …150 images

UPDATE 3.juny.2013. “Red nails of Irena” …5 min clip

UPDATE 10.juny.2013. ”Nina new hand model” …5 min clip

UPDATE 28.april.2013. ” Doe glass” …5 min video

UPDATE 6.may.2013. “Irena and Zazu hands&nails comparing”… over 100 images

UPDATE 13.may.2013. ” Doe vs Oglum”…. over 100 images

UPDATE  19.may.2013. ”Irena & Zazu hand comparison”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 07.april.2013. “Nails with beautiful shine” …video 5 min

UPDATE 14.april.2013. “Nata hands POV” …5 min clip

UPDATE 21.april.2013. ”Mari hands” …5 min clip

UPDATE 14.mar.2013. ” Maya long nails” …5 min video

UPDATE 16.mar.2013. “Leaa big hands”… over 200 images

UPDATE 23.mar.2013. ” Brandy and Nata hands”…. 5 min video

UPDATE  31.march.2013. ”Kriss hypnotic nails”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 17.feb.2013. “Coctail feb 2013” …over 1000 images

UPDATE 25.feb.2013. “Marija vs Natasa” …5 min clip

UPDATE 04.march.2013. ”new hand model Caki” … images

UPDATE 20.jan.2013. ” Nata and Brandy long nails” …images

UPDATE 27.jan.2013. “Maki and Jeca on glass”… 5 min video

UPDATE 03.feb.2013. ” Talking about hands”…. 10 min video

UPDATE  10.feb.2013. ”Marijana nails”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 30.dec.2012. “Big hands comparing” & ” Mom vs Ceca hands” …over 150 images+5 min clip

UPDATE 06.jan.2013. ”“Long natural nails of Ani”” …5 min clip

UPDATE 13.jan.2013. ”Big hands comparison” …  5 min clip

UPDATE 01.dec.2012. ” Maki big hands comparing” …5 min movie

UPDATE 08.dec.2012. “Natasa,Nata,Zoka”…  over 200  images

UPDATE 15.dec.2012. ” Beautiful hands”….over 400 images

UPDATE  22.dec.2012. ”Olja vs Jeca  on the  glass”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 11.nov.2012. ” Doe,Ceca and mother hands&nails comparing” …over 150 images

UPDATE 25.nov.2012. ”“Caki new hand model”” …images+10 min video

UPDATE 25.nov.2012. ”Ninas hands” …  images

UPDATE 14.okt.2012. ” Mom fun game” …5 min movie

UPDATE 21.okt.2012. “Coctail hands&nails”…   over 100 images

UPDATE 28.okt.2012. ” Hands from box 5″….video 5 min 

UPDATE  04.nov.2012. ”Hands from box 6″ & ” Branka and Natasa”  ….video+images

UPDATE 23.sept.2012. ” Jeca Nails” …5 min video

UPDATE 30.sept.2012. ”“Rada nails & hands breaking game”” …5+5 video

UPDATE 07.okt.2012. ”Branka hands&nails” …  over 200 images

UPDATE 25.aug.2012. ” Ivanaa hand model” …5 min movie

UPDATE o2.sept.2012. “Djovana”…   video 5 min + images

UPDATE 09.sept.2012. ” Ani”….video 5 min + images

UPDATE  18.sept.2012. ”Rada and Zoka”  ….images+video

UPDATE 3.aug.2012. ” Marlena ” …over 200 images

UPDATE 11.aug.2012. ”Zoka hipnotic” …5 min video

UPDATE 18.aug.2012. ”Mari big hands ” … over 200 images

UPDATE 07.july.2012. ” Doe speaking” …5 min movie

UPDATE 14.july.2012. “Zoka long nails workship”…   5 min video

UPDATE 22.july.2012. ” Marijana and Anja hand comparison”….over 300 images

UPDATE  29.july.2012. ”Brandy vs Ivanna”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 17.jun.2012. ” Jovana ” …over 500 images

UPDATE 24.jun.2012. ”hands game” …5 min video

UPDATE 30.jun.2012. ”Ivanna and Seka ” …over 150 images

UPDATE 26.may.2012. ” Ivanaa and Brandy” …5 min movie

UPDATE 3.jun.2012. “Nevena”…  82 pictures

UPDATE 10.jun.2012. ” Breaking hands”….5 min movie

UPDATE  10.jun.2012. ”Beautiful hands around neck”  ….5 min video

UPDATE 05.may.2012. ”Doe red nails ” …5 min movie

UPDATE 12.may.2012. ”Hand model Natasa” …over 150 images

UPDATE 19.may.2012. ”Hand model Natasa workship ” …5 min  video

UPDATE 07.april.2012. ” Zorana long nails” …10 min movie

UPDATE 14.april.2012. “Ivanna “…179 pictures

UPDATE 20.april.2012. ” Rada and Zoka hands from box”….5 min movie

UPDATE  28.april.2012. ”Ivanna and Brandy”  ….80 images

UPDATE 17.march.2012. ”Talknig about hands and nails ” …5 min movie

UPDATE 24.march.2012. ”Hands from box ” …5 min movie

UPDATE 31.march.2012. ”Zorana long nails ” …over 100 images

UPDATE 17.feb.2012. ” Doe beauty hands and nails ” …10 min movie

UPDATE 24.feb.2012. “Rada,our new model with long natural nails “…200 pictures

UPDATE 03.march.2012. ” Rada’s nails,noplish and red colour,in actions you loved “….10 min movie

UPDATE  10.march.2012. ”Twin girls have so femine hands with long fingers and soft palms,thay comparing hands with shorter girl…. 74 images

UPDATE 27.jan.2012. ”Doe and Ceca red nails game ” …8 min movie

UPDATE 03.feb.2011. ”Coctail of jan. 2012.” …   108 pics

UPDATE 11.feb.2012. ”Nevena hand model – nopolish ” …5  min movie

UPDATE 06.jan.2012. ” Gordana and Zeljka ” ..68 pics

UPDATE 30.dec.2011. “Ceca’s hands ” … 13 min movie

UPDATE 16.dec.2011. ” Doe’s hands ” …98 pics

UPDATE 02.dec.2011. “Irena long red ” … over 100 pics

UPDATE 25.nov.2011. ”Dany beautiful and skilled hands ” …10 min movie

UPDATE 21.oct.2011. ”Sanja hands part 3 ” … 255 pictures

UPDATE 28.oct.2011. ”Kissing big hands ” …5 min movie



19.99 EUR 30 days reccuring

39.99 EUR 90 days one time

69.99 EUR 180 days one time



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UPDATE 30.sept.2011. “Milica big hands long nails ”…294 pics

UPDATE 07.okt.2011. “Jovana hands and nails ”…20 min CLIP

UPDATE 14.okt.2011. “Coctail sept 2011 ”…142 pics

UPDATE 10.sept.2011. “Branka and Andjela hands ”…5 min clip

UPDATE 16.sept.2011. “Duda’s hands ”…5 min clip

UPDATE 19.aug.2011. “Branka hands and nails ”…10 min clip

UPDATE 23.sept.2011. “Drugarica”…5 min clip

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