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PICTURES  (total 121 pics sets)

Coctail jun 2019

Coctail march 2019

Coctail august 2018

Huanita long nails

Natasa hands&nails



Huanita and Dunja hands


Jelena big hands comaprison

Brandy hands&nails

Coctail Hands 3

Coctail Hands 2

Coctail Hands 1


Rada Part 2

Rada Part 1

Lily And Jellena Hands Comparing

Ana And Sanya

Nata Hands Part 2

Nata Hands Part 1

Vanja And Irena Part 2

Vanja And Irena Part 1

Ana Hands

Coctail June 2009

Tina Hands and Nails

Irena Part 2

Irena Part 1


Coctail April 2009



Gordana And Jellena

Big Sly And Lea

Milica Big Hands

Anita And Joana

Ledena And Zeljka

Compared With Sly

Ledena Fingers

Coctail September 2008

Coctail August 2008

Marija And Ksena

Ivana And Mia

Duska And Marija

Jellena Coctail Nov `08

Mila And Aca

Coctail Street 2008 Part 1

Coctail July 08

More From Stockholm

Marija And Alex

Zeljana And Rada

Stockholm Coctail 1

Alex And Marija Hands

Tanja And Mirela


Alex and Nina

Ksena Hands

Duska`s Hands

Sly’s Hands And Palms

Duska And Nina Hands Compared

Coctail May08

Coctail Sajam08

Coctail April 2008

Ivana And Marija Hands

Suzana And Nina Hands and Nails

Emily,Stana And Milica

Coctail March 2008

Marija and Ivana

Coctail Feb2008 part2

Coctail Feb2008

Sly’s big hands

Ivana’s hands

Coctail Jan2008.

Sly and Aca

Boyana and Zeljka

Ena’s hands

Lidija and Peggy

Coctail October 2007

Peggy’s hands

Sladjana and Tanja

Sanja’s hands

Coctail Budva3. 2007

Coctail Budva2. 2007

Coctail Budva1. 2007

Coctail aug 2007

Boyana’s big hands

Rosa’s hands

Marija’s hands

Marija’s beautiful nails

Alexandra hands and nails

Mica Big Hands

Bondage Hands

Natasa and Aca

Duska and Tamara


Brankica part 2

Brankica part 1


3 girls
3 girls long nails

Ana Jovanovic

Ceca and Sonia

Coctail Feb 2007

Coctail Jan 2007

Coctail July 2006

Cotail Jun 2006

Coctail March 2007

Coctail March 2007 part 2

Coctail Okt 2005

Coctail Okt 2006

Coctail Sept 2006

Coctail Jun 2006

Dragana Vrsac

Dragica Giant



Kristina and Jellena

Maja and Mia

Mirjana and Tamara

Mirjana and Zeljka

CLIPS  (127 total)

Mature long nails

Missbig vs Ivana

Dulce vs Mom

Missbig vs Dulce

Missbig vs Princess

Huanita vs Angel

Miss big and friend

Hands show

Lady vs Dulce

Tixi vs Aangel

Ana red nails

Ana and Aangel hands

Dulce vs Princess

Dulce nopolish

Dana hands

Princess hands

Princess vs Tixi

Mila vs Princess

Kacha and Chriss

Huanita smoking

Princess red nails

Princess long nails

Huanita red nails

Kacha massage

Kacha hands

Dulce red nails show

Two mature women


Mila and Huanita

Mila and Nina

Miss big hands

Tixi comparing hands

Big and beautiful

Huanita & bigger hands

Tixi Dulce hand comparing

Dulce hands in water part 2

Dulce hands in water 1

Hand Party

Pearl Nails

Bibi and Natasa




Female Fingers And Nails

Twin And Tina

Vanja Hands

Nina Hands

Angela Hands


Irena-Short Girl With Big Hands

Karolina Hands

Goga And Jellena Hands

Anita Hands

Alexy Hands

Milica Big Hands

Juice Hands

Big Palms

Vase Hand Job

Ledena Hands

Jellena And Hands

Zeljka And Twins

Hand As A Gift

Hand From Box-Marija

Twins vs Man

Ursula Hands

Jellena Palms

Jela And Bany


Vera And Zeljka

Box Hand

Ksena And Ivona

Alex Beautiful Hands

Jellena And Rosa Hands

Hands Comparing By Sly And Aca

Ksena’s Beautifull Hands

Andrea And Sasha Hands Compared

Olja’s Palms And Nails

Hands Comparing

Slavica And Lea

Djurdja And Ivona Hands Comparing

Marija’s Hand Print


Beauty Nails

Sly and Kriss

Kriss and Jellena

Rosa and Zeljka

Kriss’s and Natasa’s hands

Zeljka’s beautiful palm

Aca and Lidija hands compare

Svetlana and Mirela

Smilja’s beautiful fingers

Masha Hands

Boyana Big Hands

Mica’s big hands

3 girl palms on glass

Brankica and Tamara hand compare


Duska fingers tickling

Hands and banana

Black Red Nails

Zeljka and Ana Hands

Brankica Hands and Nails

Two Ladies

3 girls hands

Tereza and Jellena

Tanja and Mary and JelenaZR

Tanja hands in box

Tanja and Duska

Taller girl but shorter fingers

Suzan Big Hands

Sonja and Sanja

Mirjana and Zeljka

Long fingers

Kristina and Jellena

Jellena and IvanaG

Hands in Paste

Hand Comparasion

Hand compare in glass

Dudas Hands in  Box

Dubravkas  Hands in Box

Dragica and Zeljka

Ceca Hands

Branka and Jovana